Introduction to My Collages: Lady Chapel #1

If you visited the Crafts section of my blog, then you probably know that I often find it hard to actually use craft supplies, having a tendency to “save” things (for some “better times”, I guess?). Well, if I chicken-out (foreshadowing for my next post) like that in regards to mass-produced paper that I could easily find and buy again, imagine how much courage I need to summon to cut into the only copy of some old artifact, be it a postcard, a book, or a photo. And what about all the solitary book plates or pages of magazines long gone out of print? Even if I did somehow find a similar old postcard, it would never be the same: a lot of things I use in my artwork have unique age marks, notes, or stamps at the back.

The perfect piece with which to start my Lady Chapel series.

What about scanning pictures and using the printed-out version? Printed-out specifically for my collage?

No, from the very beginning, I decided against it. Simply because that would be too easy. It wouldn’t be the same, if I cheated like that, would it? If I could undo and redo. Even if the viewer did not, at first, notice the difference, I would know it: the piece would never be or feel authentic, and the old book or magazine would remain untouched, lonely. I would like to breathe new life into it. And that means sacrificing some things in the process of trial-and-error or spending a lot (and I mean a lot) of time thinking and planning before finally making a cut or applying some glue.
Ah, what sacrifices we make for the sake of art!

This is what I mean by “original” resources: found in print and used as is. I will never print-out something specifically for my collage. I will only use my finds and imagination. The only chance I get. Original. Authentic.

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