October 31, Wednesday (Addams)

So here it is. My first post. Wrapped in synthetic spiderweb, coated in sugar and artificial dyes, it smells of mulled wine and pumpkin insides. Spooky and smelly. I could say “aromatic”, but “smelly” fits in well with all things Halloween — so much for fake blood and eyeball candy.

PSX_20181105_182031This year I carved a scene from one of my favourite films, a dark fairytale: beautiful and magical, but also very tragic and violent; can you guess which one it is?

Slowly savouring the aromatic mulled wine, watching The Addams Family with my favourite people (my favourite Addams is Wednesday, of course). We have scared seventy seven trick-or-treaters this year: what a nice way to end October and a great time to finally establish my memory-jam factory!
Untitled design

Oh, and for spooky ambience and some terrific artistic inspiration — here is a great Halloween mix by the wonderful Andrew Sherwell. Enjoy.

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